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31 January 2022

2022 EU level meeting on Judicial Training Needs hosted by EJTN in a hybrid format


In order to be successful, all training programmes must begin with a needs assessment

What kind of training do judges and prosecutors need?

75 participants from the European Commission, EJTN, other judicial training stakeholders and partners with EJTN, gathered in Brussels and Online earlier this week for their yearly meeting to discuss and exchange views on this crucial question.
Training needs assessment is the initial stage and perhaps the most critical element of the training cycle that further comprises training objectives, plan and design of the training, implementation and evaluation of the training.

In the core part of the meeting, attendees were divided into small groups: Administrative Law, Criminal Law, Civil Law, Human Rights and Fundamental freedoms, Linguistics, Judicial Training Methods.
The results of these workshops will be taken into account when EJTN drafts its training programme of 2023.
This work is done by its four Programmes sub-working groups (Administrative Law, Criminal Law, Civil Law, Human Rights and Fundamental freedoms), as well as Linguistics and Judicial Training Methods working groups, in their spring plenary meetings.
Other input for these groups comes from a consultation of EJTN Members and feedback from judges and prosecutors themselves.

Judicial training needs discussed by EJTN with various key actors in the field

EJTN would like to thank its core partners, all of them key actors in their field, for attending our meeting and providing us with their valuable input:

  • ACA – Europe Association of the Councils of State and Supreme Administrative Jurisdictions of the European Union
  • AEAJ Association of European Administrative Judges
  • CEPOL – European Union Agency for Law Enforcement Training
  • EASO European Asylum Support Office
  • EC’s DGs Justice and Consumers; Competition; Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion; Environment; Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SME; Migration and Home Affairs; International Partnerships; Health and Food Safety; Taxation and Customs Union; Neighbourhood and Enlargement Negotiations
  • EJN – Criminal European Judicial Network in Criminal Matters
  • ENCJ European Network of Councils for the Judiciary
  • ENPE European Network of Prosecutors for the Environment
  • EPPO European Public Prosecutor Office
  • EUFJE European Union Forum of Judges for the Environment
  • Eurojust European Union Agency for Criminal Justice Cooperation
  • FRA European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights
  • GEMME European Association of Judges for Mediation
  • IARLJ International Association of Refugee and Migration Judges
  • NADAL Network of Public Prosecutors or equivalent institutions at the Supreme Judicial Courts of the Member States of the EU
  • NPSJC Network of the Presidents of the Supreme Judicial Courts of the EU