The THEMIS Competition is open to judicial trainees from all EJTN Members or Observers. Teams composed of three judicial trainees and one tutor may enrol. The Competition aims to promote practical knowledge of EU law and the European Convention of Human Rights.


What’s the objective of THEMIS?

The main objective of the THEMIS Competition is to bring together future magistrates from different European countries to enable them to share common values, to exchange new experiences and to discuss new perspectives in areas of common interest.

THEMIS Competition aims to:

  • Promote a forum of discussion on European and International
    Law topics.
  • Promote the exchange of experience between participants.
  • Obtain and spread interesting and useful theses on the chosen
  • Encourage the development of the critical thinking and
    communication skills.
  • Promote and foster relationships among participants from
    across the European judiciaries represented in the

Events in 2024

The highly acclaimed THEMIS Competition, open to future EU magistrates undergoing entry level training, is an event for debating topics, sharing common values, exchanging new experiences, discussing new perspectives and practicing judicial skills. The Competition consists of four semi-finals and a grand final and aims to promote practical knowledge of EU law and of the European Convention of Human Rights.

  • Criminal Procedural Law

  • Administrative law

  • Civil Procedural Law

  • Judicial Ethics and Professional Conduct

  • Judicial Protection in the European Union


The application process has two stages:

1. NCPs will need to create the teams in the OSP system and assign them to the specific Semi-final with the correct priority.

2. In order to register the team, each Institution must certify the nomination by appending to the application form the Institution’s stamp. The form should be dated and signed by an authorised signatory from the Institution and the completed form sent send to THEMIS Project Manager (

An incomplete registration form will not be accepted as a valid entry.
If an Institution wishes to submit more than one team in the competition (whether in the same or other semi-final) an application complying with paragraph above should be sent in respect of each team.

Applications will be registered according to the date/time they are received by the EJTN Secretariat.


THEMIS’ roots

THEMIS was created, financed and run from 2006 to 2009 by the Portuguese Centre from the Judiciary Studies (CEJ) and the National Institute of Magistracy of Romania (NIM).

In 2010, the Competition became an EJTN activity and steps were then taken to adapt and enlarge its format in order to recognize its importance in cross-border training in European Law.

All past THEMIS Competitions




The fifth edition of the THEMIS ANNUAL JOURNAL 2023 (TAJ) includes the best 13 papers from the Themis 2023 semi-finals.

The fourth edition of the THEMIS ANNUAL JOURNAL 2022 (TAJ) includes the best 11 papers from the Themis 2022 semi-finals.

The third edition of the THEMIS ANNUAL JOURNAL 2021 (TAJ) includes the best 9 papers from the Themis 2021 semi-finals.

The second edition of the THEMIS ANNUAL JOURNAL 2020 (TAJ) includes the best 10 papers from the Themis 2020 semi-finals.

The first edition of the THEMIS ANNUAL JOURNAL 2019 (TAJ) includes the best 10 papers from the Themis 2019 semi-finals.

Activities planned for 2024

Reference Topic Dates Venue
TH/2024/01 Semi-Final A: EU and European Criminal Procedural Law 14-17 May 2024 Budapest, Hungary
TH/2024/02 Semi-Final B: EU and European Administrative Law 2-5 July 2024 Utrecht, the Netherlands
TH/2024/03 Semi-Final C: EU and European Civil Procedural Law 25-28 June Rome, Italy
TH/2024/04 Semi-Final D: Judicial Ethics and Professional Conduct 16-19 July Trier, Germany
TH/2024/05 Grand Final: Judicial Protection in the European Union December (TBC) Naples, Italy

Any questions?

Please review the THEMIS rules for important information.

Please find here the Themis Annual Journal Stylesheet for the papers.

Please find here the 2024 Registration forms.

For any questions regarding the THEMIS Competition, please contact the EJTN Secretariat at

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