Long-term training periods

Long-term training periods represent a unique opportunity to get acquainted with the work, procedures, and decision-making of the CJEU, the ECtHR, and Eurojust. The participants are usually assigned to the Cabinet of a Member of the Court, the Registry, or the office of a National Desk, and they help carry out the tasks assigned to them.

Discover long-term exchanges at various institutions of the European judiciary and immerse in the daily work of the institutions.

  • Court of Justice of the EU

    • Immersion in the daily work of the institution
    • 6 or 12 months
    • Individual
    • Luxembourg City, Luxembourg
    • Judges, Prosecutors
  • European Court of Human Rights

    • Immersion in the daily work of the institution
    • 12 months
    • Individual
    • Strasbourg, France
    • Judges, Prosecutors, Administrative Judges
  • Eurojust

    • Work with the respective National Desk
    • 3 or 4 months
    • Individual
    • The Hague, The Netherlands
    • Prosecutors, Investigative Judges

Court of Justice of the EU

Judges and prosecutors from EU member states have the opportunity to apply for a long-term training period at the Court of Justice of the European Union in Luxembourg. These exchanges enable a full immersion into the daily work of the Court and its members.
Trainees will be affiliated to the cabinet of a judge, an advocate general, or the Directorate for Research and Documentation (DRD) and work on current cases as a temporary member of the team. Both members of the Court of Justice as well as the General Court frequently host EJTN-trainees as well-integrated temporary members of their teams.

Applicants for a long-term exchange at the Court of Justice of the EU must be a judge or a prosecutor, have the authorisation of their hierarchy to participate, and have a proven knowledge of the French language. The latter shall be enough to work on legal matters and draft decisions  and deliberations in French.

The call for applications for long-term training periods is open everya year in September and October. Interested potential applicants are most welcome to contact the Exchange Programme Team for further information on the call for applications.

European Court of Human Rights

  • open to judges and prosecutors (at least 5 years experience)
  • Ability to draft decisions in English or French
  • About 5 to 10 years of working experience


The long-term training periods will take place in the Eurojust headquarters in The Hague, The Netherlands. Participants will be assigned to the National Desk of their Member State in order to be actively involved in its daily work, in particular in operational work dealing with operational cases and/or project under the supervision of the National Member. They may also be involved in other Eurojust activities (College plenary meetings, strategic meetings, coordination meetings and team meetings).

To apply to a long-term training period at Eurojust, you must be:

  • be a practicing prosecutor or investigative judge in an EU Member State
  • work at a national level where rogatory letters and other forms of judicial cooperation in criminal matters are dealt with
  • have at least three years of practical experience in the field of criminal law

Interested in an exchange?

The call for applications for exchanges is open every year between October and mid-December on the EJTN Exchange Programme platform, for exchanges to be implemented the following year.

Applicants are preselected by the EJTN Members and Associate Members. Preselected applications are then submitted to the EJTN secretariat which proceeds to the allocation based on the available places in the host institutions.