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7 May 2023

EJTN’s Secretary General participates at the 14th Conference of the NADAL Network. Objective : increase participation in EJTN’s activities by disseminating information on our training offer addressed, especially to (chief) prosecutors’offices and on the fight against financial crimes


The EJTN, represented by its General Secretary, Ingrid Derveaux, participated in the 14th Conference of the Network of Public Prosecutors or equivalent institutions at the Supreme Judicial Courts of the Member States of the European Union (NADAL Network).

The event took place between 3 and 5 May in Malta. It brought together NADAL members, Chief Prosecutors and General Attorneys from European countries.

Secretary General Derveaux participated in a panel of specialists on financial crime and delivered a presentation on the different activities of EJTN in this area. Co-panellists included Ingrid Maschl-Clausen (European Prosecutor – EPPO), Justice Lorraine Schembri Orland (serving as the Maltese judge at the ECHR), Bostjan Skrlec (Vice President of Eurojust) and Stefan Blättler (Attorney General, Switzerland).

In her presentation, Ms Derveaux insisted on the importance of the partnership with the NADAL-network to achieve the objectives of the EJTN, as they are reflected in the judicial training principles unanimously adopted by its members in 2016. It is a right for prosecutors to be trained, but also a duty because it is a condition for quality of Justice provided to EU citizens. That quality and efficacy of the fight against corruption and other financial crimes is a key condition to maintain and consolidate the Area of Freedom, Security and Justice in the EU, and thus to foster the confidence that national justice systems in the EU must inspire in citizens.

The EJTN has a key role to play in training European prosecutors, judges, and court staff in recovering international assets, financial investigation methods and the fight against corruption. That role, which can only be fulfilled with the full support of Chief Prosecutors’ Offices, is consistent with the EJTN’s strategic plan and the European Commission’s strategy: to enhance highly qualitative training of justice professionals on EU judicial cooperation tools, which have significantly developed over the last years. These tools necessitate training to build up expertise among justice professionals, in particular prosecutors’ offices at the investigation stage.

Reference was made in that context to the large array of training offer provided by EJTN, including for Chief prosecutors, like specialized exchanges and seminars in the fields of management and communication.

The quality of EJTN training and the efficacy of its action are boosted by solid cooperation relationships developed over the years with key organisations in the fight against economic and financial crime at national and European levels, such as EUROJUST, CEPOL and OLAF. EJTN also strengthens its support to the EPPO, which was represented at the NADAL conference by its Austrian member. That recently established EU body, which results from an enhanced cooperation of 22 Member States, is an increasingly important player in the fight against cross-border fraud and other financial crimes threatening the EU budget and financial interests. The EJTN endeavours to reinforce its cooperation with the EPPO to raise awareness among EU national judiciaries and ease the cooperation of national prosecutors’ offices with it. EJTN thereby contributes to the objective of the Commission and the EU Member States to protect the significantly increased EU budget and EU financial interests through more effective judicial cooperation on the continent.

The EJTN is conscious that ongoing dialogue with Chief prosecutors’ offices is necessary to achieving its objectives and promoting the judicial training principles that guide its action. It is therefore willing to deepen in the future its partnership with the NADAL Network, initiated in 2015.

The EJTN thanks the organisers of the 14th NADAL Conference in Malta for making that high-level event possible and for their hospitality.


The Network of Public Prosecutors or equivalent institutions at the Supreme Judicial Courts of the Member States of the European Union (NADAL) brings together the heads of prosecution offices from all over the European Union.

The goal of the Network is to create an opportunity for the exchange of experience between representatives of the highest public prosecutors of the Member States of the European Union. To this end, regular conferences are held to discuss current criminal justice issues of European importance.

EJTN and the NADAL Network signed a Memorandum of Understanding in 2015, that outlines the main areas and mechanisms of cooperation between the organisations.

The NADAL Network was founded in February 2009 in Paris, on the initiative of French Prosecutor General Jean-Louis Nadal.

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