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13 March 2024

The European Judicial Training Network and Scuola Superiore della Magistratura: Empowering Judicial Leaders Across Europe


It is in the 2014 General Assembly of Thessaloniki, Greece, where EJTN established for the first time the ‘Judicial Training Methods’ Working Group (JTM). The aim was to develop innovative training approaches for EU judges and prosecutors, sharing best practices and responding to evolving needs.

For years, EJTN has initiated, drafted, and published specific in-depth studies, surveys and analysis on leadership profiles within its JTM’s group. These studies have been instrumental in understanding the judicial managers training needs, including Court Presidents, Chief prosecutors, and judicial court administrators. In 2019, under the auspice of JTM, a comprehensive training manual providing practical guidance and resources for developing leadership skills among judicial professionals, was drafted, and disseminated.

This year, we proudly highlight and recognize the joint study undertaken by the Italian Scuola Superiore della Magistratura, the Bologna branch of the Institute of Legal Informatics and Judicial Systems of the National Research Council.

Based in the experience of the EJTN members and observers from 26 EU countries, this study seeks to share best practices and innovate training delivery. It aligns with the mission of EJTN’s Judicial Training Methods group to improve training quality and promote judicial excellence.

The study reflects the necessity to share good judicial training practices among justice practitioners and establish new approaches for training delivery to EU judges and prosecutors. It emphasizes judicial training impact and importance in providing a qualitative justice.

Through in-depth studies, developing training manuals, delivering training and seminars as well as facilitating exchanges, the JTM group offers concrete and efficient training methodologies applicable in all contexts.

EJTN Leadership Project Team will conduct 3 leadership seminars and one Lunchtime webinar in 2024 and will publish a new version of the Leadership Guidelines by the end of the year.  Follow us to know more about leadership EJTN training offer during this year!