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17 January 2023

Exchange Programme 2023: Apply now for an EJTN-CEPOL exchange, Regional exchange or Judiciary learning grant!


EJTN is pleased to open the calls for applications for the following project-based exchanges in the framework of the 2023 Exchange Programme for Judicial Authorities:

  • EJTN-CEPOL exchanges
  • Regional exchanges
  • Judiciary learning grant programme


  • Build a network and exchange with law enforcement officials with an EJTN-CEPOL exchange


The EJTN-CEPOL joint Exchange Programme is a hands-on training programme enabling the EU judiciary and law enforcement to exchange about each other’s practices on the field.


Main target group: Prosecutors, investigative judges involved in cross-border cases


Learning objectives: Law enforcement officials and judiciary professionals have the opportunity to visit each other in their respective workplaces – law enforcement institutions and courts and prosecution offices of the EU Member States to share and compare experiences, working methods and investigation techniques in the areas of Economic / Financial crime, Cybercrime, Drug Trafficking, Trafficking in Human Beings, Environmental Crime, Corruption and Joint Investigation Teams.


Application documents: User guide to the EJTN-CEPOL Exchange Programme; Application Form – Additional details


!Deadline! All applications must be submitted on the Exchange Programme platform by 16 February 2023, 18:00 Brussels time.


  • Enhance the cooperation with your EU counterparts on the other side of the border with a Regional exchange


The Regional exchanges are designed to develop direct cooperation and trust between practitioners located on two sides of a border.


Main target group: Judges, prosecutors, court/prosecution staff


Learning objectives:

  • Fostering mutual trust and collaboration at a local level and establishing a long-term cooperation between practitioners.
  • Identifying and solving practical problems arising from cross-border cases.
  • Creating conditions for direct cross-border cooperation


Application documents: Requirements; Project proposal form; Hosting agreement


!Deadline! The application period is open until budget exhaustion (not to exceed 15 November 2023). Don’t wait to apply! Particular consideration is given to early applicants.


  • Self-identify and create individualised learning opportunities with the Judiciary learning grant programme


The Judiciary learning grant programme empowers judiciaries through active, self-directed applied learning.


Main target group: Judges, prosecutors, court/prosecution staff, trainers


Learning objectives:

  • Enabling judiciaries to gain new knowledge through problem identification and resolution.
  • Enabling judiciaries to set up a tailor-made and customised study.
  • Strengthening judicial work and contributing to positive change through transnational dialogue, networking, and collaborative problem-solving.
  • Empowering judiciaries with the ability to take proactive measures to develop a more effective and efficient judicial practice using the insight gained to solve issues they may encounter in their daily work.


Application documents: Overview; Scoring rubric; Project proposal form; Sending agreement; Hosting agreement


!Deadline! The application period is open until budget exhaustion (not to exceed 15 November 2023). Don’t wait to apply! Particular consideration is given to early applicants.



Submit your project proposal and take the unique opportunity to participate in one of the project-based exchanges open under this call!


Please note that the selection of project proposals for the Exchange Programme is the sole prerogative of EJTN’s Member organisations.


  • Find more about these calls on the webpage dedicated to the project-based exchanges of the Exchange Programme

Submit your application on the Online application portal