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25 August 2023

Call for applications for EJTN’s exchanges in 2024. You can already start preparing your project


Did you know that EJTN provides you with the opportunity to design your own professional exchange through project-based exchanges?

As part of the Exchange Programme for Judicial Authorities, three activities have been created allowing judges, prosecutors and court staff their own initiatives:

Bilateral exchanges. They are a unique occasion for a delegation of up to five participants from the same court or prosecution office to set up an exchange with a court or prosecution office in another Member State.

Regional exchanges. They support judicial cooperation between neighbouring courts or prosecution offices from two different EU Member States.

Judiciary Learning Grants, which allow you to build a learning experience tailored to your needs.

Next call for applications

Projects for Regional exchanges and Judiciary Learning Grants can be submitted all year, while Bilateral exchanges have an application period.

The next call for applications for Bilateral exchanges taking place in 2024 will be open between 1 September and 16 October 2023. This call will also cover all the exchanges and the long-term training periods.

Prepare your bilateral exchange’s project

If you are considering submitting a Bilateral project, you can already prepare your project by contacting your potential hosting institution.

Every project must be submitted with a hosting agreement completed and signed by the hosting institution.

If you have doubts about the application process, you can check out our tutorial on how to complete a hosting agreement (available in English, French and German).

About EJTN’s Exchange Programme

Launched in 2005 at the initiative of the European Parliament, EJTN’s Exchange Programme for judicial authorities aims to develop a European judicial culture based on mutual trust between judicial authorities in the European judicial area.

By participating in an exchange, judges, prosecutors, court and prosecution staff, and trainers from different EU Member States can improve their knowledge of other judicial systems through direct contact and exchanges of views and experiences.

In 2022 more than 3,000 judges, prosecutors and court and prosecution staff from EU Member States, the UK and the Western Balkan countries participated in exchange activities.

All the activities offered under the Exchange Programme can be found at: