National School of Clerks

The National School of Clerks is a public institution, with legal personality, under the coordination of the Superior Council of Magistracy, which performs the initial as well as the continuous training of the clerks and of other specialized auxiliary personnel of the Courts and Prosecutor’s Offices attached to them, according to the law.

The mission of The National School of Clerks comprises two components: the initial training of the future clerks and the continuous training of the clerks in office. Together with these components, The School aims to create and strengthen a network of trainers recruited among the judges, the prosecutors, the clerks or among other specialists.

The initial training program of the future clerks aims for the students to assimilate the concepts of law, necessary for carrying out their duties/tasks within the Courts and Prosecutor’s Offices, as well the development of specific skills and abilities.

The training program is focused on debates and/or practical applications related to subjects such as: civil procedure (proceedings before the court of first instance, proceedings in appeal, foreclosure procedure, family and minor protection cases), criminal procedure (criminal investigation, criminal proceedings before the court, enforcement of the criminal judgement), international judicial cooperation in civil and criminal matters, deontology, clerk’s activity management, applied informatics, typing, civil law, criminal law, Human rights, EU law, non-legal professional skills. In addition to these, there are conferences regarding present areas of interest (Romanian Language, the career as a clerk, classified information, communication and public relations, forensic expertise) as well as the internship within the Courts and Prosecutor’s Offices in Bucharest.

The component of the continuous training of the clerks, fulfilled by The National School of Clerks, is important considering that the increase of the public’s confidence in justice and the defense of its prestige can be sustained only by increasing the individual quality of the act of justice, the permanent training of the clerks at a high level being fundamental for the swiftness of judicial proceedings and for the defense of the rights of the parties.

The continuous training is conducted in the form of seminars, training sessions, including courses held within the distance learning program, conferences, study visits, training courses abroad, aimed at updating and consolidating the legal knowledge and the practical skills relevant to the profession of clerk, constantly considering the legislative changes and the evolution of the profession of clerk. The seminars are organized both at the Headquarters of The School and in the regional centers for professional development.