Criminal Justice

EJTN’s criminal justice activities include seminars in procedural safeguards, victims’ rights, economic crimes, corruption, asset recovery and confiscation, trafficking of human beings, radicalisation and counterterrorism. Participants also learn about key EU legal instruments in criminal justice cooperation.

What is it?

The Criminal Justice portfolio is happy to offer judges, prosecutors and court staff, a range of seminars, webinars and lively sessions which combine lectures, key notes speeches and presentations and are intended to enhance knowledge of EU  practitioners by embracing EU Law in their daily praxis. The training experience will offer the possibility for a better understanding of the current EU legal framework of Criminal Justice and promotes mutual trust and cooperation in order to enable practitioners to work together across the borders.

In our training offer you will also find trainings implemented in cooperation with the European Union Agency for Law Enforcement Training (CEPOL) where law enforcement meets judiciary and work together on practical cases.

Our partners are EUROJUST, EUROPOL, EJN, EJCN GNS, JITs Network and EPPO, providing first-hand knowledge from practitioners in different areas of law.



What’s the objective?

EJTN’s Criminal Justice seminars are intended to promote a better understanding about the current EU legal framework of Criminal Justice in order to enable practitioners to work together across the borders. Furthermore, the seminars aim at bolstering the awareness and knowledge of several areas of EU Criminal Law such as asset recovery and confiscation, cybercrime and e-evidence or procedural rights in order for practitioners to embrace EU law as part of their daily practices.

Key topics

The Criminal Justice training seminars consist of interactive sessions, simulations, group’s work and the review of case-studies inspired by real facts in order to animate debates and promote interaction between practitioners attending the different events.
The collaborative partnership with CEPOL brings together law enforcement and judicial communities for joint courses on, inter alia, JITs, illegal immigration, financial investigations, counter-terrorism, e-evidence or corruption.
The trainings cover a wide range of legal topics, including:

Activities planned for 2024

Reference Topic Dates Venue
CR/2024/01 Investigation and prosecution of trafficking in human being cases in the EU. Focus on labour exploitation 14 – 15 March Brussels, Belgium
CR/2024/02 The European Investigation Order in Practice (introductory) 14 – 15 March Thessaloniki, Greece
CR/2024/03 Environmental crimes 16 – 17 April Paris, France
CR/2024/04 Procedural Safeguards in criminal proceedings in the EU in practice: improving the existing acquis – Directives (introductory) 15 – 16 April Vienna, Austria
CR/2024/05 Cybercrime and E – Evidence (introductory) 14 – 15 May Lisbon, Portugal
CR/2024/06 Economic crimes: asset recovery in the EU in practice. Focus on the Regulation 2018/1805 of 14 November 2018 (specialised) 7 – 8 May Madrid, Spain
CR/2024/07 Genocide Network Secretariat – Joint training on Core International Crimes 3 – 5 June Nuremberg, Germany
CR/2024/08 The EPPO: investigations and prosecutions to fight crimes against the financial interests of the EU 13 – 14 June Trier, Germany
CR/2024/09 International Cooperation in Criminal Matters: EU legal framework, mutual legal assistance and extradition to third countries. Cooperation with EUROJUST and EUROPOL 26 – 27 September Trier, Germany
CR/2024/10 The European Investigation Order in Practice, including e-EDES system (advanced) 10 – 11 October Sofia, Bulgaria
CR/2024/11 Cybercrime and E-Evidence (specialised) 24 – 25 October Barcelona, Spain
CR/2024/12 Procedural Safeguards in criminal proceedings in the EU in practice. Focus on the Children’s directive (specialised) 28 – 29 October Krakow, Poland
CR/2024/13 Judicial Cooperation in Criminal Matters. Practical Case-Based Simulation (case: Trafficking in Human Beings) 5 – 7 November Florence, Italy
CR/2024/14  The functioning of the European Arrest Warrant in the EU in practice: improving trust in national criminal justice systems 21 – 22 November Heidelberg, Germany
CR/2024/15 Economic crimes: asset recovery and confiscation in the EU in practice. Focus on the Regulation 2018/1805 of 14 November 2018 (specialised) 21 – 22 November Zagreb, Croatia
CR/2024/16 Victim’s Rights in the EU in practice. Violence against women and children sexual abuse 2 – 3 December Bucharest, Romania
CR/2024/17 Judicial Cooperation in Criminal Matters: Practical Case-Based Simulation (case: counterterrorism) 5 – 6 December Naples, Italy
CR/2024/18 WEBINAR: Conflicts of jurisdiction and transfer of criminal proceedings. In cooperation with EUROJUST 22 February Online
CR/2024/19  WEBINAR: Online hate speech: aspects that contribute to hate crime 21 March Online
CR/2024/20 Webinar series on victim’s rights. The protection of victims of war crimes in the EU in practice 30 April Online
CR/2024/21 Webinar series on victim’s rights. Hate crimes: protecting citizens against racism, homophobia, transphobia, sexism 26 September Online
CR/2024/22 Webinar: Deprivation of liberty and detention conditions across the EU 10 October Online
CR/2024/23 Webinar: Violation of restrictive measures to the list of ‘EU crimes’: types of measures, types of sanctions and enforcement 7 November Online

Any questions?

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