Civil Law

The Civil Law activities aim to strengthen EU justice professionals by offering seminars in civil judicial cooperation and in a vast scope of civil law subjects (such as family law, company law, IP law, tort law, property law, commercial law and contract law).

What is it?

The Civil Law portfolio gathers practitioners from different European Union Members aiming at developing a training scheme for judges, prosecutors and court staff interested in Civil Matters.

The Civil Law trainings offer the chance to learn more about legal framework, best practices, latest CJEU case law. Each training is also an opportunity to experience the new skills acquired via the workshops provided during each event and interact with peers and exchange ideas and practices.


What’s the objective?

The Civil Law activities, launched in 2011, aim to strengthen judicial training in civil justice cooperation among EU justice professionals. The Civil Law events aim to improve judicial cooperation in civil law matters and focuses on the participating countries’ legal systems and judicial culture as well as the main aspects of EU law.


Key Topics

The Civil Law training events are open to judges and prosecutors across all EU Member States. The events cover a vast scope of civil law subjects, including these topics:

  • Service of documents & taking of evidence abroad

  • Insolvency law

  • European civil procedure in family law matters

  • Cross-border labour law

  • Brussels I regulation – jurisdiction and the recognition and enforcement of judgements in civil matters

  • Protection of consumers right in the light of the EU law

  • Conflict of laws in contractual matters (Rome I. and II.)


Over the past nine years, 43 Civil Law seminars have been held and over 2000 judges have been trained in various civil law topics. Several trainings have been broadcast live as webinars and subsequently transformed into podcasts.

The group with the support of the EJTN Secretariat had to react in a quick manner to the challenges and Europe wide restrictions imposed as results of the COVID 19 epidemic.

After an intense period of preparations, the Civil Law sub-working group revised its training curricula and implemented numerous training in a shorter and comprehensive form of a webinars.

In 2021, the Civil Law project organized a total of 14 events, out of which 10 trainings and 4 webinars. The training were open to magistrates and court staff from the member states and it gathered 351 participants.

Activities planned for 2023

Reference Topic Dates Venue
CI/2023/01 Insolvency Law 8-9 November Trier, Germany
CI/2023/02 Jurisdiction and applicable law in civil and commercial matters: Brussels Ia, Rome I and Rome II 13 – 14 March Romania, Bucharest
CI/2023/03 Protection of Consumers in the light of the EU Law and E-Commerce 20-21 April Spain, Barcelona
CI/2023/04 European Civil Procedure 21-22 February Riga, Latvia
CI/2023/05 Civil liability due to AI 25-26 May Napoli, Italy
CI/2023/06 Mediation and Conciliation 20-21 June Thessaloniki, Greece
CI/2023/07 Service of documents & taking of evidence abroad with a focus on digitalization 18-19 May Zagreb, Croatia
CI/2023/08 Cross-border Labour Law 18-19 October Thessaloniki, Greece
CI/2023/09 European Civil Procedure in Family Law matters – advanced 2-3 November Pirna, Germany
CI/2023/10 Company Law 23-24 November Brussels, Belgium
CI/2023/11 Special types of contract TBC EJTN online
CI/2023/12 Collective redress in consumer protection TBC EJTN Online

Any questions?

For any queries regarding the Civil Law Project, please contact Mr Daniel Graur at the EJTN Secretariat: