Administrative Law

Seminars in this area include traditional administrative law subjects, such as EU taxation, public procurement, environmental- and asylum law. They also tackle increasingly relevant topics for the digital age, e.g. data protection, privacy rights, judicial digitalisation, and AI.

What is it?

The EJTN Administrative Law Portfolio foresees a large offer and designs and implements high-quality and practical training for Administrative Law Judges, Prosecutors, Trainers and Judicial Professionals in Europe.


What’s the objective?

EJTN’s Administrative Law trainings seek to bring together administrative law judges, prosecutors and trainers and provide participants a unique opportunity to exchange experiences and best practices with their counterparts across Europe, as well as to discuss the most recent developments in their field of professional interest with leading experts and practitioners.

All trainings include a set of framework lectures and multiple workshops where participants discuss practical cases and exchange views on their domestic legislation and the application of the relevant EU legal instruments.

Key topics

Since its creation in 2011, Administrative Law has expanded its curriculum to include a rich set of trainings in fields as diverse as:

Any questions?

For any queries regarding the Administrative Law Portfolio, please contact Eunice Litu at the EJTN Secretariat: