Parquet général

As in other EU Member States, in Luxembourg both judges (magistrats du siège) and public prosecutors (magistrats du parquet) are members of the same professional body.

The court system is made up of three “Justice de Paix”, two “Tribunal d’Arrondissement”, one “Cour d’Appel” and one “Cour de Cassation”. There is one “Tribunal administratif” and one “Cour administrative” for disputes concerning administrative matters.

The control of the constitutionality of the laws is ensured by the “Cour constitutionnelle”.

The initial and the ongoing judicial studies and training of judges and public prosecutors is, since a law from 7 june 2012 (loi sur les attachés de justice), overseen by a Committee  also responsible for the recruitment.

In substance this is purely an ad hoc Committee consisting of 7 senior magistrates (the General Prosecutor, the President of the Court of Appeal, the President of the administrative Court of Appeal, the President of the administrative Court of District, the President of the Court of District, one Prosecutor and one Prosecuting Attorney).  It has no designated Staff or Office. The activities of the Committee are confined to assure the participation of magistrates from Luxembourg in judicial training, in conferences, in seminars and in lectures concerned with legal topics organised by outside bodies such as, Judicial Institutions, Academies, Universities, Law Associations and other interest groups.

The Ministry of Justice provides funds for judicial training selected by the Committee and has reached an agreement with the French Ecole Nationale de la Magistrature, with the Judicial Training Institute in Belgium and with the German Richterakademie.


  • Austria
    • Federal Ministry of Justice – Bundesministerium für Justiz
  • Belgium
    • L’Institut de formation judiciaire (IFJ-IGO)
  • Bulgaria
    • National Institute of Justice
  • Croatia
    • The Judicial Academy of Croatia
  • Cyprus
    • Supreme Court of Cyprus
  • Czechia
    • Judicial Academy
  • Denmark
    • Court Administration / Domstolsstyrelsen
  • Estonia
    • Office of the Prosecutor General
    • Supreme Court of Estonia, Training Department
  • Finland
    • The National Courts Administration
    • National Prosecution Authority, The Office of the Prosecutor General
  • France
    • The French National School for the Judiciary
  • Germany
    • Academy of European Law (ERA)
    • Federal Ministry of Justice - Bundesministerium der Justiz
  • Greece
    • National School of the Judiciary
  • Hungary
    • National Office for the Judiciary
    • Office of the Prosecutor General
  • Ireland
    • The Judicial Studies Committee
  • Italy
    • Scuola Superiore della Magistratura
    • Consiglio Superiore della Magistratura
  • Latvia
    • Latvian Judicial Training Centre
    • The Prosecutor General’s Office of the Republic of Latvia
  • Lithuania
    • National Courts Administration
    • Office of the Prosecutor General of the Republic of Lithuania
  • Luxembourg
    • Parquet général
  • Malta
    • Judicial Studies Committee
  • Netherlands
    • Studiecentrum Rechtspleging
  • Poland
    • National School of Judiciary and Public Prosecution
  • Portugal
    • Centre For Judicial Studies
  • Romania
    • National Institute of Magistracy
  • Slovak Republic
    • Judicial Academy of the Slovak Republic
  • Slovenia
    • Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Slovenia Judicial Training Centre
  • Spain
    • Centro de Estudios Jurídicos
    • Escuela Judicial Consejo General del Poder Judicial
  • Sweden
    • Judicial Training Academy
    • Swedish Prosecution Authority