Academy of European Law (ERA)

The Academy of European Law (known by its German acronym “ERA”) is a continuing education institution that provides individuals and authorities involved in applying and implementing European law with practical professional training and a forum for a mutual and comprehensive exchange of experiences. ERA offers face-to-face training events, hybrid training events, online-only training events, and distance learning tools. Legal practitioners from all over Europe attend ERA’s events.

ERA’s legal status is that of a public, not-for-profit foundation established under the law of Rhineland Palatinate (Germany). ERA is one of the six institutions at the EU level explicitly mentioned in the Erasmus+ Regulation and supported under the Jean Monnet actions.

All present and past EU Member States – and since November 2023, the Republic of Albania – are Foundation patrons. They are represented on ERA’s Governing Board with several EU institutions. Mr. Jean-Claude Juncker, former Prime Minister of Luxembourg and former President of the European Commission, was elected President of the Governing Board in November 2021, a position he still holds.

ERA has a long-standing commitment to judicial training. It was involved in the creation of the European Judicial Training Network and was a founding member. Since then, it has remained an active and committed member of the Network.


  • Austria
    • Federal Ministry of Justice
  • Belgium
    • Judicial Training Institute
  • Bulgaria
    • National Institute of Justice
  • Croatia
    • Judicial Academy
  • Cyprus
    • Judicial Training School
  • Czechia
    • Judicial Academy
  • Denmark
    • Court Administration
  • Estonia
    • Office of the Prosecutor General
    • Supreme Court
  • Finland
    • National Courts Administration
    • National Prosecution Authority
  • France
    • National School for the Judiciary
  • Germany
    • Federal Ministry of Justice
    • Academy of European Law (ERA)
  • Greece
    • National School of the Judiciary
  • Hungary
    • National Office for the Judiciary
    • Office of the Prosecutor General
  • Ireland
    • The Judicial Council
  • Italy
    • School for the Judiciary
    • High Council of the Judiciary
  • Latvia
    • Latvian Judicial Training Centre
    • Office of the Prosecutor General
  • Lithuania
    • National Courts Administration
    • Office of the Prosecutor General
  • Luxembourg
    • National Council of Justice
  • Malta
    • Judicial Studies Committee
  • Netherlands
    • Training and Study Centre for the Judiciary
  • Poland
    • National School of Judiciary and Public Prosecution
  • Portugal
    • Centre for Judicial Studies
  • Romania
    • National Institute of Magistracy
  • Slovakia
    • Judicial Academy
  • Slovenia
    • Judicial Training Centre
  • Spain
    • Centre for Legal Studies
    • Judicial School
  • Sweden
    • Judicial Training Academy
    • Swedish Prosecution Authority