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13 January 2022

THEMIS 2021 Annual Journal published


THEMIS 2021 Annual Journal is out

  • EJTN launches a unique international publication for the judiciary – the THEMIS 2021 Annual Journal.
  • The new publication showcases contemporary topics within the EU judicial sphere and helps develop a common European judicial culture and build mutual trust.

EJTN proudly launches a second edition of the new and unique international publication for the judiciary, the THEMIS 2021 Annual Journal!

The THEMIS Annual Journal has its roots in the hugely successful EJTN THEMIS competition.  The event was created, financed and run from 2006 to 2009 by two EJTN member institutions – Portugal’s Centre for Judicial Studies (CEJ) and Romania’s National Institute of Magistracy (NIM). In 2010, the competition became an EJTN activity and steps were then taken to adapt and enlarge its format in order to recognise its importance within cross-border training in European law.

Cultivating practitioners’ knowledge, skills and attitudes
EJTN steadfastly believes in the need to keep developing a common European judicial culture and building mutual trust. Central to this is focusing on those crucial aspects that foster judicial culture and build mutual trust and then instilling these at the earliest possible stage of the professional careers of members of the judiciary. THEMIS is a veritable treasure in the EJTN training offer for future and early-career judges and prosecutors. This competition answers the need to have a holistic approach to judicial training by cultivating practitioners’ knowledge, skills and attitudes.

Each year’s THEMIS competition features four semi-final rounds consisting of three stages, with one stage being the preparation of a written paper. Each participating team must present a written text on any subject related to the topic of the semi-final round in question. This element of the competition produces an array of brilliant, innovative and diverse papers. The best of the written papers, selected by the competition’s jury members, are then included in each year’s THEMIS Annual Journal.

A truly invaluable asset
The third edition is a 216-page professionally produced publication containing 9 teams’ written papers, each of which showcase contemporary topics within the EU judicial sphere and highlight the teams’ original approaches to dealing with current judicial issues. It also includes contributions from the THEMIS semi-final jury members.

The THEMIS 2021 Annual Journal is available from EJTN’s Methodologies & Resources searchable database.

The journal will be also available in other online databases for academic legal journal, and EJTN Members are encouraged to share it with their magistrates.

EJTN proudly celebrates the long and successful legacy of THEMIS by producing the trailblazing THEMIS Annual Journal, which will encourage Europe’s future magistrates to strive for excellence in their judicial endeavours – and in their competitive efforts at EJTN’s THEMIS competition.

The main aim of the THEMIS competition is to bring together future magistrates from different European countries at a time when they are undergoing entry level training to enable them to share common values and to exchange new experiences and discuss new perspectives in areas of common interest.