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7 February 2023

Registrations for the THEMIS 2023 Competition are now open!


The registrations for the Semi-Finals of the THEMIS 2023 Competition are now open. The four THEMIS Semi-Finals will be held in Budapest, Naples and Cracow between May and July 2023.

EJTN- strongly encourages teams of trainee judges or prosecutors to take on the challenge and apply before the deadline of 6 March 2023. The winner and runners-up of the Semi-Final qualify for the THEMIS Grand Final, which will take place in Bucharest in December 2023.

What is the THEMIS Competition?

The THEMIS Competition is a unique opportunity that brings together future European magistrates to debate EU law, practice their judicial skills and meet future colleagues from other countries. Participating teams must submit a written paper (to be presented four weeks before the first day of their semi-final), write a paper presentation and defend their positions before a jury of legal experts.

THEMIS Competition 2023

Each team can apply for the Semi-Final of its own choice.

This year’s competition consists of four Semi-Finals hosted by EJTN Member Institutions:

  • Semi-Final A: EU and European Criminal Law: 15-19 May 2023 – Budapest, Hungary
  • Semi-Final B: EU and European Family Law: 5-9 June 2023 – Naples, Italy
  • Semi-Final C: EU and European Civil Law: 13-16 June 2023 – Budapest, Hungary
  • Semi-Final D: Judicial Ethics and Professional Practice: 3-7 July 2023, Cracow, Poland

Who can participate?

Teams must consist of three judicial trainees from EJTN Members or EJTN Observers. They may be accompanied by a tutor. A person is considered a judicial trainee if he or she is so regarded under the national law and if he/she is not attending initial training activities for more than two years.

The deadline for applications via the Registration Form and on OSP is 6 March 2023 (here).

Who can become a Jury?

EJTN Members may nominate jurors that are well-regarded professionals and experts in the given THEMIS categories. The EJTN Secretary-General will appoint the jury members for the Semi-Finals from the pool of nominations.

The deadline for sending nominations of Jury Members to is 6 March 2023.

Important links

THEMIS webpage
THEMIS on the Digital Training Hub

Additional information on how to apply (from the THEMIS Rules)

  • Participants must fully complete the registration form published on the EJTN website – THEMIS section.
  • Each Institution has the right to register a team in any of the semi-finals. An incomplete registration form will not be accepted as a valid entry.
  • The form should be dated and signed by an authorised signatory from the Institution, and the completed form should be sent to the address
  • Applications are processed in order of arrival at EJTN offices in Brussels and are initially limited to one team per semi-final. Institutions wishing to enter more than one team per semi-final are strongly recommended to nominate a second team that will be part of a reserve list.
  • If an Institution wishes to submit more than one team in the competition (whether in the same or another semi-final), an application complying with the paragraph above should be sent to each team. Candidate teams have to be uploaded on OSP as well.
  • When registering more than one team for the same semi-final, Institutions should clearly indicate an order of priority between them.