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25 January 2024

Registration for the THEMIS 2024 Competition is now open!


Registration for the semi-finals of the THEMIS 2024 Competition is now open, offering an exciting opportunity for future European magistrates. The THEMIS Competition provides a unique platform to debate EU law, practice judicial skills, and connect with colleagues from different countries.

An info session will take place online on 6 February at 11:00 (CET). It will focus on how to apply, the 2024 semi-final topics, the financial conditions, and more. Register to the info session here.

EJTN encourages all teams of trainee judges or prosecutors to participate by applying before the deadline 4 March 2024.

What is the THEMIS Competition?

THEMIS four Semi-Finals will be held in the cities of Budapest, Utrecht, Rome, and Trier between May and July 2024.

Teams must submit a written paper (four weeks before the first day of their semi-final), prepare a creative presentation, and defend their positions before a jury of legal experts.

Winners and runners-up from each semi-final will be able to attend the THEMIS Grand Final to be organised in Naples, Italy, in December 2024. The winning team will be awarded with a study visit funded by EJTN in the country of their choice.

A promo video of the Grand Final is available on YouTube.

THEMIS Competition 2024

Teams can choose to apply for any of this year’s four semi-finals, each of them hosted by an EJTN Member Institution:

  • Semi-Final A: EU and European Criminal Procedural Law: 13-17 May – Budapest, Hungary
  • Semi-Final B: EU and European Administrative Law: 1-5 July – Utrecht, the Netherlands
  • Semi-Final C: EU and European Civil Procedural Law: 24-27 June – Rome, Italy
  • Semi-Final D: Judicial Ethics and Professional Conduct: 15-19 July – Trier, Germany

Who can participate?

Teams should be composed of three judicial trainees from EJTN Members or EJTN Observers. A tutor may accompany them. A person is considered a judicial trainee if he or she is regarded as such under the national law and has not attended initial training activities for more than two years.

National training institutions must submit their applications via the registration form and the OSP. For more information regarding the application process and the registration form, please check the Online Training Catalogue.

Who can become a Jury?

EJTN Members can nominate jurors who are well-regarded professionals and experts in the given THEMIS categories. The EJTN Secretary-General will appoint the jury members for the semi-finals from the pool of nominations.

The deadline for sending jury members nominations is 4 March 2024, to the following email address:

Additional information on how to apply (from paragraph VI of the THEMIS Rules)

  • Participants must complete the registration form published on the EJTN website – THEMIS section. An incomplete registration form will not be accepted as a valid entry.
  • The form should be dated and signed by an authorised signatory from the Institution and sent to
  • Each Institution has the right to register a team in any of the semi-finals.
  • Applications are processed in order of arrival at the EJTN offices and are initially limited to one team per semi-final. Institutions wishing to enter more than one team per semi-final are strongly recommended to nominate a second team that will be part of a reserve list.
  • If an Institution wishes to submit more than one team in the competition (in the same or another semi-final), an application complying with the above paragraph should be sent to each team. Candidate teams have to be uploaded on OSP as well.
  • When registering more than one team for the same semi-final, Institutions should indicate an order of priority for each of them.