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13 December 2022

Partnership between GEMME and EJTN

General News

On 22 November, EJTN in cooperation with the European Judges Group for Mediation (GEMME) organized for the first time a webinar on the topic of Introduction à la conciliation et à la médiation judiciaires. Another novelty was that the webinar was only in French language.


The webinar focused on the importance of civil and commercial, family and social law mediation and was attended by 64 magistrates from France, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Romania, Portugal, Austria and Cyprus. The participants were judges, prosecutors and court staff.


GEMME is supporting EJTN in the implementation of annual seminars and webinars on mediation, conciliation, and alternative methods of dispute resolution. Through cooperation with GEMME, EJTN is identifying possible tutors who extend their expertise and share good practices throughout EJTNs network.


EJTN has a long-established cooperation with GEMME also for the specialised exchanges organised in the framework of the Exchange Programme for Judicial Authorities.


EJTN praises the good cooperation with GEMME over the years and is looking forward to keeping developing together new projects dedicated to the EU judiciary with a focus on civil and commercial, family and social law mediation.