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12 April 2022

New bilingual linguistics handbook on family law


The Working Group Linguistics is proud to announce a new addition to its series of legal language handbooks. We have just published the new bilingual language manual in English and French: English for Judicial Cooperation in Family Law/ Français pour la cooperation judiciaire en droit de famille.  

The EJTN would like to express its thanks to the team of experts who authored the handbook:
Mr Miguel Ángel Campos Pardillos, Mrs Roxana Constantinescu, Mr Aleš Galič, Mr Francisco De Paula Puig Blanes, Mrs Isabel Alice Walbaum Robinson, Mrs Eva Samaniego Fernández, Mrs Halina Sierocka for the English version and Mrs Alexandra Buciu-Barba, Mrs Leona Černá, Mrs Aleksandra Machowska and Mrs Rose-Marie Plaksine who worked on the French version.

The experts compiled in this manual the legal introductions to the topics in the field of family law and many language exercises. The handbook also includes a glossary of the legal terminology and answer keys. It is intended for all legal practitioners who would like to deepen their knowledge and language skills in the field of family law. The handbook is freely available to download from EJTN’s website:
English version
French version

All of our members will receive a printed copy as well.
Enjoy the handbook