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21 April 2022

Judicial Training Methods seminar: Initial training trainers on coaching, tutoring and mentoring


This seminar gathered 15 trainers and experts 14-15 March in Brussels who trained tutors and mentors at the national level. The programme has been prepared by Ms Nathalie Glime from SSR (Studiecentrum Rechtspleging), Activity Coordinator for the event.

Judge Peter de Beer provided lectures and workshops about coaching and the role of tutor/ mentor as well as the skills and competencies required to coach trainee judges and trainee prosecutors in their learning practice at the workplace.

In the second part of the seminar, the experts presented several trainings and learning activities they develop for the tutor/ mentor Programme. The participants will take part at those different learning activities on the following topics: Learning preferences, communication styles, observation, feedback.

Testimony form aparticipant:
“Without doubt, it strengthens the European identity by reinforcing the sense of belonging to a union of common principles and values. This activity or exchange between different professionals from various member countries has made it possible to learn about professional practices followed in institutions of other member states. It also provided the possibility to get to know other people – European citizens – their culture, their way of life, their experiences, improving mutual understanding among European peoples. It was also an opportunity to travel and get to know Europe, our Europe. Undoubtedly, this activity strengthens the union between European citizens and the institutions of the various member countries, allowing institutional exchange to get to know the best practices used by other institutions, with enormous professional benefits both at a personal and institutional level”.