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7 March 2023

Judicial staff from 19 Member States take part in a study visit to the Court of Justice of the European Union


Judges, prosecutors and court staff members from 19 EU Member States were in Luxembourg on 6 and 7 March for a study visit to the Court of Justice of the EU (CJEU). As part of the visit they attended a court hearing before the Grand Chamber.

The study visit was organised by EJTN and began with a day of technical presentations on institutional aspects of the court, the preliminary ruling procedure, and an analysis of recent European case law.

Participants also had the chance to speak with legal staff from the Court of Justice, discussing their experiences at a national level and sharing best practices with colleagues from across the EU.

On the second day, the visitors were briefed by legal experts on the specifics and procedural aspects of a case before the court, before attending the hearing at the CJEU Grand Chamber.

Note for editors

EJTN organises five study visits to the CJEU annually as part of the Exchange Programme for judicial authorities framework. The visits take place in either English or French, and provide a unique opportunity to better understand how the most important judicial institution in the EU works in practice.

They also explore the importance of the preliminary ruling procedure, and the role of national judges in applying EU law.

Are you interested in taking part in a study visit to the CJEU?

In April 2023, EJTN will launch a call for applications for study visits in the second half of 2023. EU judges, prosecutors and court staff members are invited to apply, and are eligible to have their travel costs reimbursed, as well as receiving a daily allowance from EJTN to enable them to participate.

For more information about how to apply, please visit:

You can also ask your national training institution or contact us at