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15 December 2022

Important EJTN meetings held last week at Centro de Estudos Judiciarios (CEJ) in Lisbon

General News

Last week, on 20 and 21 October 2022, the EJTN’s Working Group Programmes Members met in Lisbon and online to evaluate implementation of 2021 training activities and plan EJTN’s next year judicial training curricula, as well as elect the Conveners of its four thematic Sub Working Groups (SWGs), for their upcoming mandate 2023-2025.

Representatives of more than 20 Judicial Training Institutes from various EU Member States, EJTN’s Secretary General Markus Brückner, EJTN’s Secretary General Elect Ingrid Derveaux, and Secretariat staff attended the meeting hosted by the Portuguese Centre for Judicial Studies, in person in Lisbon and online on Zoom platform. It was chaired by the Academy of European Law- Convener of Working Group Programmes also in new mandate 2023-2025, as elected by EJTN’s Paris General Assembly last June.

Associate Members of EJTN in charge of Court Staff training in Italy, France, Malta, Portugal and Romania, as well as representatives of the Judicial Academy of the Republic of Serbia (NEW), attended the works as Observers.

Conveners elected at the end of the meeting to serve in 2023-2025 mandate of four thematic Sub Working Groups of Working Group Programmes are as follows:

Romanian National Institute of Magistracy for the Sub Working Group Administrative Law;

Italian School for the Judiciary for the Sub Working Group Civil Law;

Spanish Centre for Legal Studies for the Sub Working Group Criminal Justice;

Slovenian Judicial Training Centre (NEW) for the Sub Working Group Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms.

EJTN is wishing all Sub-Working Group Conveners a successful new mandate and expresses its gratitude to the German Federal Ministry of Justice, represented by Ms Claudia Weisbart (Hessisches Ministerium der Justiz), for the great achievements during the previous Convenorship of the Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms Sub-Working Group.

The Role of a (Sub) Working Group Convener at EJTN is to co-ordinate the meetings and activities of the group in line with EJTN Strategic Plan, present reports of activities at EJTN high level meetings and make proposals for the future work of the group.

The meeting of Working Group Programmes was preceded on 19 October 2022 by a one day meeting of National Contact Points of EJTN Members for all activities conceived and implemented by EJTN Working Groups dealing with Seminars/Webinars, namely Working Group Programmes, Working Group Linguistics and Working Group Judicial Training Methods. The meeting was hosted by the same Portuguese Centre for Judicial Studies in person in Lisbon and online and was Chaired by EJTN’s Secretary General Markus Brückner.

The National Contact Points meeting offered National Judicial Training Institutes representatives the platform for sharing of information and exchanges of best practices and will see a new edition next autumn.

2022 activities implemented by the three Working groups mentioned above are listed in the publication Calendar of training activities, first link below, and searchable database on the EJTN web site, second link below: