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1 February 2022

Exchange Programme 2022: Opening of the application period of the Judiciary Learning Grant Programme

  • EJTN is proud to launch a new initiative under its Exchange Programme for Judicial Authorities.
  • Derived from a new concept, the Judiciary Learning Grant Programme empowers judges, prosecutors or judicial trainers through active, self-directed applied learning.

EJTN is delighted to announce the opening of the submission period for judiciary learning grant proposals in the framework of the 2022 Exchange Programme for Judicial Authorities


The Judiciary Learning Grant Programme is a new concept organised by EJTN. The programme allows judiciary staff the autonomy to self-identify and create individualised learning opportunities. Accepted proposals will allow recipients to fund travel in support of their ideas.

The objectives of the programme are to:

  • Enable judiciaries to gain new knowledge through problem identification and resolution.
  • Enable judiciaries to set up a tailor-made and customised study.
  • Strengthen judicial work and contribute to positive change through transnational dialogue, networking, and collaborative problem-solving.
  • Empower judiciaries with the ability to take proactive measures to develop a more effective and efficient judicial practice using the insight gained to solve issues they may encounter in their daily work.

EU Member State judges, prosecutors and judicial trainers interested in pursuing a grant must submit an application to the National Contact Point of their home country. Applications must identify where further learning and collaboration will result in improved judicial outcomes. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis throughout the application period starting on 1 February 2022. The application period is open until exhaustion of funds and at the latest 1 December 2022. A particular consideration will be given to early applicants so apply now

Submit a grant proposal and take the unique opportunity to implement your self-tailored learning plan with the EJTN Exchange Programme 2022

Please note that the selection of grant proposals to the Exchange Programme is the sole prerogative of EJTN’s Member organisations.