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21 February 2022

Exchange Programme 2022 call for applications for regional exchanges

  • After a successful pilot project, the 2022 call for applications for regional exchanges is now open.
  • The regional exchanges are a project-based type of exchange aiming at fostering mutual trust and cooperation at local level and tackling cross-border issues.
  • The Exchange Programme for judicial authorities is the EJTN flagship activity.

EJTN is proud to announce the opening of the call for applications for regional exchanges in the framework of the 2022 Exchange Programme for Judicial Authorities

The regional exchanges are a new activity proposed by the EJTN Exchange Programme targeting judges, prosecutors and court staff located close to a border and willing to develop an in-depth cooperation with a neighbouring court or prosecution office. Thanks to an exchange, the participants will get the opportunity to discuss common issues and identify practical problems arising from cross-border cases, thus creating conditions for direct cross-border cooperation.

Each project must meet the following criteria:

  • The courts or prosecution offices of the visiting and hosting participants must be located at a maximal distance of 150 km from their domestic border.
  • The applicants must work on cases involving a cross-border dimension or have a part of their daily work in the cross-border cooperation with the closest neighbouring country.

The application documents and the list of participating institutions to the regional exchanges can be found in the calls for application page.

Applications must be directly submitted on the EJTN Exchange Programme Platform with the accompanying documents. Applications are open until 25 March 2022, but please note that national deadlines may apply to the application process.

Come and take part in the EJTN Exchange Programme 2022

Please note that the selection of participants to the Exchange Programme is the sole prerogative of EJTN’s Member and Associate organisations.