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10 July 2024

EJTN Working Group on Digitalisation holds AI and Rule of Law Seminar together with UNESCO


The European Judicial Training Network’s (EJTN) Working Group on Digitalisation launched its first activity earlier this week, with a focus on Artificial Intelligence and the Rule of Law. 

In her welcome speech, the EJTN Secretary General Ms Ingrid Derveaux reminded the ongoing digitalisation of the Justice all across Europe. She highlighted EJTN’s role in equipping European Judges, Prosecutors and Court Staff with the necessary knowledge and skills. Therefore, digitalisation must be a top priority and modern training methodologies are essential in meeting this crucial goal. “It is the right and the duty of any judge and prosecutor to be trained with active and modern methodology”, she said. 

It is indeed this commitment that originally led to the creation of the new Working Group on Digitalisation, tasked with developing a comprehensive strategy and tackling the new challenges brought up by the digital revolution. 

The 3-day seminar, held at the Siracusa International Institute for Criminal Justice and Human Rights, was the first time EJTN collaborated with UNESCO, which is a highly valued partner.  

The seminar aimed to provide participants with the necessary tools to understand and harness the potential of AI in the judicial sector. The participants explored topics such as the impact of AI on fundamental rights as well as  the ethical and legal challenges it might create. Recent regulatory measures, AI-related risks and the responsible use of AI were also covered. The seminar draws on UNESCO’S Global Toolkit on AI and the Rule of Law, which ensured a comprehensive view on this cutting-edge topic. 

This inaugural event marks a significant step forward in the digital transformation of judicial training across Europe. Held in collaboration with UNESCO and the Siracusa International Institute for Criminal Justice and Human Rights, the seminar underlines EJTN’s commitment to modernise judicial processes in this new digital era. 

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