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24 July 2023

EJTN online conversation classes in English, Spanish, French, Italian and German to start in September


EJTN’s next series of online conversation classes will take place between 25 September and 1 December. The classes will be held via Zoom, and are open to EU judges and prosecutors who already speak a second language but would like to improve their skills for use in the workplace or to attend other EJTN events.

Applications must be done through the relevant EJTN national member institution.

How are the courses organised?

EJTN is offering conversation classes in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish. During each 10-week course, participants will meet online for a weekly 60-minute Zoom class, focused on listening and speaking skills.

The number of participants will be limited to 10 per course, to ensure that all students can actively practise their language skills and engage with their peers in a small group environment.

An expert language instructor with a background in judicial concepts will guide participants through different activities. These will include reviews and discussions of legal cases, exchanges about laws in different Member States, and the use of second language skills in a professional context.

Objectives of the online conversation classes

Participants will acquire a deeper understanding of legal terminology and case law while developing their ability to communicate in another language through a combination of exercises and online conversation practice with peers in similar roles.

The courses will include weekly interactive activities and will conclude with each participant delivering a presentation which will enable them to gauge their own advancement.


B1 or B2 proficiency is a prerequisite for English language classes.

B2 proficiency is required for French, German, Italian and Spanish classes.

For more information about EJTN’s broader Linguistics Programme, please visit: