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20 January 2023

EJTN on the move: towards a bright future for judicial training


“We cannot solve problems with the same way of thinking we used when they occurred.”
Albert Einstein


Quality, prosperity, outreach, professional development. These attributes capture the essence of EJTN’s mandate and training portfolios. Since its foundation in 2000, EJTN has pursued a clear objective: creating valuable, high-quality judicial training in a wide range of areas for members of the judiciaries across Europe.


The challenges arising from the Covid-19 pandemic

The path towards our present success was paved with numerous and various obstacles. The most recent of them was the Covid-19 pandemic. Like most organisations across the world, this crisis severely affected us. But our organisation’s dedication and motivation helped us to overcome this major challenge and become stronger.

EJTN demonstrated adaptability and resilience. We quickly developed innovative training methods, and introduced new training schemes, programmes and exchange initiatives. Judicial training activities were also reinforced through new instruments and strategies.

In addition, EJTN built significant digital training capabilities and organised training of the trainers courses, particularly in the area of digital communications.

In sum, our activities evolved, becoming much more agile, flexible and goal-oriented.

With travel and contact restrictions gradually lifted as of 2021, we are moving towards a “new normal” situation. At the same time, a good deal of caution will be needed, as demand for travel and accommodation increase for face to face trainings and activities while inflation across Europe remains high.


Leaving the pandemic behind and looking ahead

The deployment of hybrid meetings and the simplification of administrative procedures help us to increase the number of participants in our activities, which is now close to pre-pandemic levels. Moreover, exception rules and clear communication methods are currently put in place, new timelines implemented, and alternative online training activities remain as backup plans in case restrictions would be reintroduced in the future.

Against this background, EJTN remains committed to further strengthening its programme portfolio based on shared experiences and past achievements.

EJTN will also aim to streamline its communication and information activities in the upcoming months. We will draw the lessons from the recent COVID 19 crisis and further invest in technology and knowledge solutions to increase the accessibility and impact of our training offer for European judges, prosecutors and court staff.

The EJTN Secretariat will co-operate with all members and stakeholders to form a dynamic and innovative network of equal partners. Co-operation, openness and communication will be at the core of our shared goals and strive towards an ever-closer partnership. As we have shown flexibility and adaptability in the recent past, we shall endeavour to modernise and to further develop our skills in training.