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6 December 2022

EJTN is addressing the challenges of the war in Ukraine through training for Ukrainian judiciary

General News

EJTN is implementing a new training scheme as a response to the humanitarian crisis taking place currently in Ukraine.

Within the next weeks EJTN will host two lunchtime webinars (format: 1 hour – 1 speaker – 1 topic) which will be dedicated to the topics related to the war in Ukraine, as follows:

             Protection of children from Ukraine in the EU (17  November, Registration Link) and

             War crimes in Ukraine and international crises of refugees (1 December, Registration link).

Another lunchtime webinar took already place in September, focussing on the topic of Taking     

             account of human rights while prosecuting crimes during the war in Ukraine. 

This initiative is part of a larger training scheme offered by EJTN involving the Ukrainian


As such, the Members of EJTN kindly offered to organize specific and thematic training for the Ukrainian judiciary, responding to their immediate needs. The training are organized online and by the judicial national schools from Italy SSM, Netherlands SSR and France ENM. They provide the best expertise and are responding to the immediate needs in the context of the war in Ukraine. The topics include victims of war crimes, forensics, admissibility of evidence, chain of custody freezing and confiscation of assets.

Additionally, EJTN in partnership with the Genocide Network Secretariat (EUROJUST) initiated a series of 2 hours executive workshops addressing the countries part to the Joint Investigation Team and involved in the investigation of war crimes in Ukraine. The executive 2 hours workshops were launched on 17 October and are taking place every second Friday of the month until the end of the year. The workshops address such challenges as gathering of evidence, cooperation with the civil society, investigation of sexual crimes during war times, use of open sources during investigation, collecting and documenting witness testimony. The next workshop will take place on 18 November. As of today, the workshops gathered more than 75 participants per each webinar.

EJTN remains always open to offer support to the judiciary professionals, even in times of war.