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7 March 2024

EJTN contributes to the production of educational videos on the functioning of the Court of Justice of the European Union


On Thursday, 7 March 2024 an intensive and important project, the production of six educational videos on the composition and procedures of the Court of Justice of the EU and the General Court has been presented to the public by the European Commission and Court of Justice of the European Union. EJTN was an important partner in the project, together with CCBE, and participated in the launch event.


During the launch event held at the premises of the European Commission in Brussels, EJTN Secretary General Ingrid Derveaux laid out EJTN’s involvement in the project from the very beginning. With a call for experts in 2022 and the selection of five national experts, EJTN contributed to the promotion of knowledge and expertise by the use of its extensive network of justice professionals across the European Union.

Produced over a year of intensive work, these videos will further contribute to the valuable training offer for judges, prosecutors, court staff and other judicial practitioners in Europe.

The training videos will enhance the digital training offer for EU justice professionals as EJTN will disseminate them on our platforms to complement the physical training offer in seminars and study visits. The use of the finalised products will pave the way to many more digital tools and projects. Further videos in co-operation with the Court of Justice of the EU are already being planned.

EJTN further pursues a holistic approach to reach all national judges, prosecutors, and members of the court staff to provide high quality training and to support them from the beginning of their career throughout their professional lives.

The finalisation of each training project is another step towards a common European judicial culture and helps to connect, grow, and intensify European judicial co-operation and EU values in justice.

EJTN expresses its gratitude to the European Commission, the Court of Justice of the European Union, and CCBE for our fruitful and successful cooperation. Special thanks shall be given to the EJTN experts who contributed:

Marc Fiestra from Netherlands

Veronica Galis from Romania

Kai Hecheltjen from Germany

François le Masne le Chermont from France

Amelia Onisor from Romania

The learning videos are publicly accessible online and can be watched on the EU Academy website.