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29 April 2024

EJTN at the forefront of supporting the digitalisation of justice


On 25–26 April, the European Judicial Training Network (EJTN) representatives attended a landmark conference organised by the European Commission on supporting the digitalisation of justice, aiming to discuss elements of the future European Judicial Training Strategy. This strategy will upskill in the use of digital tools and infrastructure, to create a supportive environment towards digitalisation of justice and to build-up the knowledge of justice professionals in the adaptation of substantive EU law to the needs of the digital economy and society.  

EJTN places a lot of importance on this topic and has already included digitalisation among its core areas of activity. Late last year, EJTN established a Working Group on Digitalisation. This working group convened for the first time in-person in Paris earlier this month and agreed on the launch of several key projects. In the coming months and years, the group will focus on themes such as the creation of a common digital culture, Artificial Intelligence and the use of digital tools within the judiciary. EJTN believes that this new working group will significantly enhance the efficiency, accessibility, and transparency of judicial processes across Europe.  

During the 2-day EC conference held in Brussels, representatives of EJTN attended a range of sessions, which covered topics such as the training needs in the transition of digitalisation of justice, the training needs in EU law and non-legal competences, the importance of mindset and changing methodology as well as skill building in applying digital tools. The perspective of the EU Member States was also incorporated in the programme.  

This conference was of crucial importance in establishing a good understanding of what the European Commission is doing within this area, and which types of tools, methodologies and trainings could help advance the digitalisation of justice across Europe. EJTN will continue to shape its activities with this goal in mind, thus advancing the shared goal of the digitalisation of justice of the European Union and its Member States. 


Photo caption: An example of a Training Skills Canvas used during the workshops