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20 January 2022

2022 EJTN Calendar of Training Activities


EJTN proudly unveils its 2022 Calendar of Training Activities, which is a comprehensive overview of the various training options available within EJTN.

  • The 2022 Calendar of Training Activities provides a comprehensive overview of EJTN’s and Members’ training activities.
  • The Calendar also provides a full picture of EJTN’s rich collection of other training resources

EJTN’s and Members’ training activities

The Calendar lists EJTN’s own 133 training activities according to areas. These are activities within the fields of administrative law, criminal law, civil law, human rights and fundamental freedoms, judicial training methods and linguistics. EJTN’s summer schools training sets, THEMIS events, as well as the Catalogue Plus options are also addressed.

The Calendar further highlights the training activities of EJTN’s Members. For 2022, 150 seminars are offered by the judicial institutions and open for application via EJTN’s Scholarship Fund.   All activities are EU law-related and touch upon the areas of administrative law, civil law, criminal law and international law. Further topics include such as forensics, human rights, judicial skills, linguistics, professional practice, society issues and teaching methods.

Copies of the printed “2022 Calendar of Training Activities” will be distributed to EJTN Members to allow them to further disseminate information about EJTN’s rich array of judicial training opportunities.

Applying made easy

Apart from EJTN’s and EJTN Members’ activities, the Calendar also features an informative and attractive section on how to apply for EJTN’s training activities through convenient online portals that facilitate managing applications.

Furthermore, all of EJTN’s training seminars are uploaded to a searchable database on EJTN’s website, which makes searching for training options a cinch.

Other training resources

The Calendar also promotes EJTN’s other training resources, such as Virtual (E) – learning projects, the Methodology and Resources Database, the online English language level test.

The series of 1 hour lunchtime webinars that started in 2020 as a response to the pandemic times, and continued successfully in 2021, will see new webinars in 2022. This series is mentioned in ‘Virtual (E) – learning projects’ section and the new topics are advertised per semester.

Consult the PDF Calendar Brochure, as well as the searchable database for a full listing and description of all EJTN training seminars.