Court Services Agency

Established in August 2019, the Court Services Agency  (CSA) operates from its offices located within the Law Courts Buildings in Valletta and Cittadella, Gozo. CSA  falls under the purview of the Ministry for Justice and have a clear mandate to facilitate the smooth functioning of the legal system and to assist members of the Judiciary team with specialised and auxiliary personnel, administrative and technical services.

Under the leadership of the Chief Executive Officer, the agency handles the administrative aspects of the courts; whilst the Registrars of the Courts have the legal responsibility for implementing judicial orders and procedures. There are three Registrars overseeing the Civil Courts, Criminal Courts, and Gozo Courts, as well as the respective tribunals.

The Agency comprises an additional three Directorates. The People Management Directorate takes care of recruitment and training for court staff, ensuring a skilled workforce. The Finance Directorate oversees the operational budgets, revenue, and salaries. Finally, the Support Services Directorate which is responsible for IT support, equipment maintenance, procurement, and building maintenance.

The Court Services Agency  has been an Associated member for the past 3 years wherein several court staff participated in a number of  EJTN’s  training events.