National School of Clerks

Located in Dijon, the National School of Clerks (“École nationale des greffes”, ENG) was created by an order of the Minister of Justice of April 29, 1974.

As a service with national competence attached to the Director of Judicial Services according to an order of April 17, 2012, the School’s mission is to implement the national policy relating to the professional training of all the staff of the courts of the judicial order: directors of registry services, court clerks, secretaries and administrative assistants (civil servants of categories A, B and C), i.e. more than 22,000 agents.

It is managed by a director of the judicial registry services, responsible for the operational budget of the program.

The ENG develops exchanges with other national establishments (ENM, Network of Schools of Public Service (RESP)…) as well as international cooperation actions.

It also organizes two preparatory classes for the competitive examination of clerk and director of the judicial registry services.