Catalogue of Members

EJTN offers its Catalogue of Members’ Activities, which are organised by EJTN’s Members. Over 150 judicial training activities, across an array of fields, are open each year to Europe’s judiciary.

The EJTN Catalogue of Members’ Activities has existed since 2003. It promotes various judicial training events within the EU Member States for the entire judiciary of the EU Member States. The Catalogue integrates the activities organised and selected directly by EJTN’s Members.


What’s the objective?

The EJTN Catalogue of Members’ Activities promotes various judicial training events within the EU Member States, integrating the activities organised by EJTN’s Members. The seminars offered by the judicial institutions and co-financed by the European Union, are all aimed at European judges, prosecutors and court staff.




In 2015, EJTN put in place a Scholarship Fund, allowing the funding of EU individual judges, prosecutors, trainers and court staff to attend training abroad. The Scholarship fund’s ultimate aim is to allow the European judiciary to enhance their knowledge of EU law, improve their command of foreign languages, acquire insights on national law useful to perform their daily professional tasks.

Key Topics

The Catalogue of Members’ Activities are all EU Law-related and consider various topics, including:


In 2021, 125 seminars addressing a wide array of law topics were offered by 12 EJTN Member judicial institutions. A total of 1117 foreign participants attended the 2021 Catalogue of Members’ Activities programme.

In 2022, 151 seminars were offered by EJTN Member judicial institutions.

Judges and prosecutors express a continued interest to follow the various seminars organised by EJTN’s Catalogue General as it represents real added value for their professional lives.

Any questions?

For any queries regarding the Catalogue of Members’ Activities please contact Maria Fernanda Narvaez at