Catalogue Plus

EJTN’s Catalogue+ programme upgrades existing training courses of EJTN’s Members and finances international participation in these and their interpretation. The courses are available for Europe’s judiciary, and cover various fields of law, including fundamental rights, criminal law and civil law.

What is it?

The Catalogue+ programme upgrades existing training courses of EJTN Member judicial training institutions and finances international participation in these.



What’s the objective?

The purpose of Catalogue+ programme is to give European magistrates the opportunity to attend a training course organised by the judicial training institutions that are Members of the European Judicial Training Network (EJTN). EJTN’s Catalogue+ programme upgrades existing training courses of EJTN’s Members and finances international participation in these. The courses are available for Europe’s judiciary, and cover various fields of law.

Key Topics

Each course offered within the Catalogue+ programme is EU-law related and does not surpass two days in length (exceptions are possible). The offered seminars typically deal with the following topics:

  • Civil law

  • Criminal law

  • Other areas of the European law.


18 EJTN Members institutions contributed to this project in 2021, organising a seminar(s) on a topic of law. There were 37 Catalogue+ seminars with 400 places opened to foreign participants.

Out of the 400 places, 142 foreign participants successfully participated in this portfolio. Additionally, 355 national participants took part in the Catalogue+ seminars offered by their respective national training institutions. All in all, a total of 497 EU magistrates received training for 2021 under this project.

Activities planned for 2023

Reference Topic Dates Venue
CP/2023/01 Consumer Law 15 March 2023 Lisbon, Portugal
CP/2023/02 Seizure and Confiscation 15-16 March 2023 Brussels, Belgium
CP/2023/03 Child – means of evidence ? 3-4 April 2023 Ljubljana, Slovenia
CP/2023/04 European and International Labour Law 21 April 2023 Lisbon, Portugal
CP/2023/05 Cancelled 4-5 May 2023 Slovenia
CP/2023/06 Legal English. Civil matters 9-11 May 2023 Bucharest, Romania
CP/2023/07 Legal English. Criminal matters 23-25 May 2023 Bucharest, Romania
CP/2023/08 On the Independence of the Judiciary – A European Comparison 4-9 June 2023 Wustrau, Germany
CP/2023/09 Proceedings for the issuance of a European Certificate of Succession. Practice of the CJEU on the application of Regulation 650/2012 7-8 June 2023 Sofia, Bulgaria
CP/2023/10 Introduction to European Law – in particular Law of the European Union 26-30 June 2023 Trier, Germany
CP/2023/11 Environmental Crimes 30 June 2023 Lisbon, Portugal
CP/2023/12 Legal English. Civil matters 19-21 September 2023 Bucharest, Romania
CP/2023/13 Third State, Member State of the European Union: how to cooperate 9-13 October 2023 Paris, France
CP/2023/14 Sex offences and forced prostitution 23-26 October 2023 Trier, Germany
CP/2023/15 Overview of instruments for international judicial cooperation in criminal matters in EU member states and third countries 25-27 October 2023 Sofia, Bulgaria
CP/2023/16 Online hate speech–how to fight it effectively 30 October-2 November 2023 Wustrau, Germany
CP/2023/17 Corruption: detection, prevention, repression 13-17 November 2023 Paris, France
CP/2023/18 Legal English. Criminal matters 21-23 November 2023 Bucharest, Romania
CP/2023/19 Court management 11-15 December 2023 Paris, France
CP/2023/20 Cooperation between the European Union and national courts: experiences and perspectives 26 May 2023 Vilnius, Lithuania
CP/2023/21 Essential EU law 26-27 October 2023 Utrecht, Netherlands
CP/2023/22 Witness protocol TBD November 2023 Utrecht, Netherlands
CP/2023/23 History of the judiciary in the modern era: comparative profiles 18-20 October 2023 Napoli, Italy
CP/2023/24 Prevention and contrast of violence against women and domestic violence 22-24 November 2023 Scandicci, Italy
CP/2023/25 Ethics and justice 11-13 December 2023 Scandicci, Italy
CP/2023/26 Legal challenges of the #Metaverse and its implications for the criminal justice system 23-24 March 2023 Trier, ERA, Germany
CP/2023/27 Annual Conference on Rights of Persons with Disabilities 2023 25-27 October 2023 Trier, ERA, Germany
CP/2023/28 Corporate rescue and insolvency 11-12 May 2023 Trier, ERA, Germany
CP/2023/29 TBD TBD TBD, Poland
CP/2023/30 TBD TBD TBD, Poland
CP/2023/31 Anticorruption training and judicial ethics for court staff (assistants to judges) 6 June 2023 Riga, Latvia
CP/2023/32 Latvian and EU experience on preventive measure to combat trafficking in human beings 20-21 September 2023 Riga, Latvia
CP/2023/33 Prevention and settlement of conflicts of criminal jurisdiction in the EU. 27-28 March 2023 Madrid, Spain
CP/2023/34 Gender Perspective 29-30 May 2023 Madrid, Spain
CP/2023/35 TBD TBD TBD, Croatia
CP/2023/36 TBD TBD TBD, Croatia
CP/2023/37 The Application of EU Law by the administrative Judge – Application of the Charter of Human Rights- The Preliminary Rule introductory 13-14 February 2023 Thessaloniki, Greece
CP/2023/38 Forensic Psychology 27 November 2023 Thessaloniki, Greece
CP/2023/39 Problem solving Justice 2-3 October 2023 Prague, Czech Republic

Any questions?

For any queries regarding the Catalogue Plus Project please contact Ms Brandi BROWN-MOREAU at the EJTN Secretariat: